8 Usual Questions About Junior Reporter We Must Notice

What is the news media industry in? What is the name of the broadcaster? Find more frequently answered questions about junior reporter.. Get more data about junior reporter job for your career planning.

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What is the purpose of News Reporters?

News Reporters are tasked with generating new and interesting news stories to cover.

What is a reporter working with?

A reporter works with a news agency, which can be a newspaper, television station, radio station or website, to write stories about news events.

What should junior journalists always report to their editor?

Junior journalists should always report any threat which they have received to their editor. If the threat was a threat of violence, then the editor should seriously consider informing the police.

What should a junior journalist never accept or negotiate?

In any case, such offers should never be accepted or negotiated by a junior journalist. Only the editor should do so, and any offers must be referred to the editor.

What should reporter and sub-editor aim at?

Reporter and sub-editor should aim at objectivity while dealing with a story. They should not allow their personal bias or ideas to creep into a story.

What should a reporter always be alert while dealing with his subjects?

A reporter should always be alert while dealing with his subjects.

What is another necessary quality that a reporter and subeditor should cultivate?

It is another necessary quality which a reporter and a sub­editor should cultivate. They should not take anything for granted.

What is a good habit for reporters?

It is a good habit. For reporters it is a must for if they are not punctual they may miss something for which they may have to depend on secondary sources.