13 Regular Questions About School Resource Officer We Must Know

What is the safety plan for schools? What is one of the first lines of interaction between students and staff? Find more frequently answered questions about school resource officer.. Get more data about school resource officer job for your career planning.

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What is the safety plan for schools?

Safety plan development: Schools have safety protocols in place to ensure students and staff are safe from harm.

What is a resource officer's job description?

Detention and arrests: If a student is caught breaking the law - drinking or using drugs, bringing a weapon to school or making threats, part of a resource officer's job description may be to detain or arrest the offender.

What is the name of the search that may be conducted by school resource officers?

Personal and property searches: Any school resource officers who have reason to suspect a student is breaking the law may be involved in conducting a physical search, backpack, vehicle or locker search.

What is a stern attitude that may be appropriate in a middle school or high school

While a stern attitude may be appropriate in a middle school or high school setting, school resource officers in elementary schools are charged with having a kid-friendly, non-threatening attitude that puts children at ease.

What is the focus of school resource officers?

School resource officers focus on more than just emergency response; they are also proactive, working in a counseling role, helping to avert crisis before it blows out of control.

What are trained police officers?

School resource officers are not security guards - they are trained police officers, many of whom carry a firearm.

What is the average salary and benefit package for a resource officer?

Although salary and benefit packages vary, based on the part of the country and size of the school a resource officer is affiliated with, on average, officers earn between $35,000 to $50,000 per year. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, jobs in the law enforcement field are expected to grow at a rate of about 7 percent through 2026.

What is the main security arm of a school?

The School Resource Officer is a police officer who works as the main security arm of a school.

What is the SRO willing to do to keep school staff and students safe?

Schools want to work with an SRO who loves their job and who is willing to do anything to keep school staff and students safe.

What skills are needed for daily interaction with school personnel and students?

School Resource Officers must possess interpersonal skills for daily interaction with school personnel and students. Communication skills which include the ability to listen and speak effectively are needed.

What is the SRO officer responsible for protecting students?

When an issue occurs in the community that affects the students, the SRO officer is a valuable resource to the school personal by helping them protect the students. They should also be knowledgeable in child protective services, technologies used by the community and the school, and mental health services.

What is the name of the school resource officer?

School Resource Officers are carefully selected and follow the best practices as defined by NASRO.

What are law enforcement officers?

Law enforcement officers are professional crisis responders. They can provide leadership in times of crisis, and in preparing school safety and security plans.