15 Favorite Questions About Support Services Coordinator You Must Understand

What is the role of a Support Coordinator? What is NDIS? Find more frequently answered questions about support services coordinator.. Get more data about support services coordinator job for your career planning.

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What is the role of a Support Coordinator?

It can be difficult for participants to gain a working understanding of Plan Funding. A Support Coordinator will work with them to better understand it and how it affects them.

What is the name of the support coordinator?

A Support Coordinator works closely with participants to guide them through challenges, review their progress and report on achieved outcomes so participants can reflect on their journey with NDIS support and plan future goals.

What is the hourly basis for Support Coordinators?

Like most NDIS support staff, Support Coordinators are paid on an hourly basis as-and-when needed for as long as the participant’s funding lasts.

What is a big part of a Support Coordinator?

As we’ve discussed previously, a Support Coordinator plays a large part in advising participants on which services are best for them and helps them to prioritise their time with them effectively to achieve the outcomes that matter the most to them. As such, participants need to have a good rapport with their Support Coordinators and feel that they are genuinely passionate about ensuring that they provide access to the support you need.

What is the main goal of support?

Support is important, but participants don’t just need to be supported in their day-to-day lives. They need a proactive and outcome-led approach to support that will help them to live more happily and autonomously within their communities.

What is a good Support Coordinator focused on?

A good Support Coordinator will be focused not just on providing you with value for money and getting the most out of every hour but tying your interactions specifically to the outcomes that are outlined in your plan. They should take the time to find out what’s important for you and help you to identify opportunities to move forward.

What is a support coordinator's knowledge of?

As such, a Support Coordinator should have an extensive knowledge of the disability and community sectors in the areas where they operate, as well as knowing the quality of services in relevant fields in order to make better recommendations to the participant and better meet their individual needs.

What are the services coordinators?

Service coordinators are members of an organization’s management team who work to match clients with appropriate services. They can work in a wide array of industries, including energy and utilities, construction, durable goods, chemicals, healthcare, and transportation.

What is the salary of service coordinators?

The salary of service coordinators can vary greatly depending on the industry they work in.

What is the job of a Support Coordinator?

The job of a Support Coordinator is to help you choose a good mix of supports in your Plan and work with you so that you can build up your own skills and become confident to take on more of the responsibility yourself.

What is the funding for Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is funded if deemed ‘reasonable and necessary’, so be prepared to explain why you think you need it.

Where practical, they will create a support and action plan to help you implement your plan.

Where practical, they will create a supports and action plan to help you implement your plan.

What is the name of the support coordinator that will help you put in the driver's seat

Over time, the advice you get from your Support Coordinator will help put you in the driver’s seat, so you’ll know what to do when you run into an issue or are due for a Plan Review.

What is Support Coordination not the same as?

Support Coordination is also not the same as case management in terms of support in times of crisis. Equally, Support Coordination is not the same as plan management.

What is the aim of a Support Coordinator?

The aim of a Support Coordinator is to build capacity in different individuals, such as students, the elderly, those with a disability or people with mental health issues.